While the source of the music may be foreign to many of her listeners, the emotions Zarra aims to convey are not. by Sriram Gopal - Read more



Elle a des diamants dans la voix et le rhythme dans la peau - Watch more



Zarra crosses musical, cultural, and linguistic boundaries with ease, creating a delicious sound centered in but not bounded by her ethnicity. Read more

Huffington Post

Throughout the evening, the cadences of Arabic and Berber dialects sat easily within the sophisticated arrangements, as did the modalities of the melodies. By the end of her set, the audience was thoroughly entranced. Michal Shapiro - Read more

Blue Note Jazz Festival

Mon, 06/13/2011 - 9pm

At Joe's Pub

425 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003-7021
(212) 539-8778



Lucid Culture

Blending the warmth of American soul music with tricky North African rhythms, intricately yet tersely arranged, jazz-inflected melodies and lyrics in Berber, Arabic, French and English, Zarra has carved out a niche for herself which manages to be completely unique yet very accessible. Read more


At the Apollo Theater - AFROPOP

Boldly experimental, bringing in Berber chanting, dark North African harmonies, and a wholly original sensibility. - Banning Eyre    Read more ..

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