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"Moroccan vocalist and world music star, Malika Zarra"


This Moroccan lass honed her craft at home in North Africa, in Paris, and continues to do so in USA. It’s a very impressive CD and should place her in a good position for further “world-jazz” adventures.


Morrocan-born Zarra conveys a strong sense of her North African roots through the vocals and arrangements. Fans of Susheela Raman and Natacha Atlas, or those looking for something like them but leaning a bit more toward jazz, should be sure to check out this strong debut.

Global Rhythm

Moroccan vocalist Malika Zarra is arriving at this crossroads from the opposite direction, infusing the music of her native culture with jazz.

Phil Freeman


The Guardian UK

 “Zarra is captivating, with a soft voice and a hushed style of scat-singing that makes it sound like she is casting spells”

Time out

Moroccan jazz-pop singer Malika Zarra fronts a band well-stocked with keen players

Time out


Paul Avgerinos - Law Of Attraction

Paul Avgerinos - Law Of Attraction

Grammy Nominated, Avgerinos is one of the Giants of New Age Ambience . . . All Music Guide
Personnel: Paul Avgerinos (vocals, 12-string guitar, nylon-string guitar, bass violin, keyboards, fretless bass, percussion); Malika Zarra, Christine Yandell (vocals); Steve Waite (electric guitar, 12-string guitar); Brahim Fribgane (oud); Rafiq Khan (sarangi); Trina Basu (violin); Steve Gorn (flute, bansuri); Kevin Braheny Fortune (flute, EWI); Rohin Khemani (tabla, percussion).

Aujourd'hui le Maroc

review Aujourd'hui le Maroc

D’origine marocaine, Malika Zarra, la chanteuse de jazz oriental évoluant sur la scène artistique new-yorkaise, dévoile quelques aspects de sa personnalité.


Amine Harmach

Le 16-07-2010

A Prayer For The Planet

Global Noize

Global Noize

Jason Miles: keyboards, synth bass, programming
DJ Logic: turntables, beats, efx
Falu: vocals
Jeff Mironov: guitar
Jay Rodriguez: flute
Tupac Mantilla: percussion
Emily Bindinger: background vocals, vocal arrangement
Karl Denson: vocals, tenor sax, flute, horn arrangement
Michael League: bass
Andy Snitzer: soprano sax
Jerry Brooks: bass
Oz Noy: guitars
Malika Zarra: vocals
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