"Brooklyn connection" Jay Rodriguez

"Brooklyn connection" Jay Rodriguez

"Brooklyn connection" Jay Rodriguez

Featuring : DJ Logic, Arturo O'Farill, Falu, Malika Zarra, Bill Ware, Tom Brown and others


“MOROCCO’S JAZZ JEWEL. Singing in Berber, Moroccan Arabic and French [Malika Zarra] is redefining the term fusion and adding her unique sound to the world”


John Zorn

Malika Zarra is a rare and special voice, a natural born musician who sings as easily as we breathe. Her newest CD Berber Taxi is a masterpiece, every track a gem. Filled with creative arrangements, soaring improvisations, beautiful poetry and of course Malika's gorgeous voice, it is one of the most exciting CDs in recent years. A natural blend of her life experiences, it transcends all borders and creates an enchanting new world filled with honesty, imagination, craft, purity, and passion. Malika speaks to us all in a language of love.


 “Malika Zarra, a Moroccan living in the United States, makes her own jazz, a jazz where the darbouka and ‘ud are happily integrated.

Zarra promises to be a pioneer in the advent of an authentic Maghreb jazz.”


At Jazz Standard CD RELEASE

At Jazz Standard - CD RELEASE !

116 East 27th Street
New York, NY


John Zorn "Mycale"

John Zorn "Mycale"

John Zorn "Mycale"

Featuring : Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Malika Zarra, Sofia Koutsovitis, Basya Schecter

Arts Boston

"Moroccan vocalist and world music star, Malika Zarra"


This Moroccan lass honed her craft at home in North Africa, in Paris, and continues to do so in USA. It’s a very impressive CD and should place her in a good position for further “world-jazz” adventures.


Morrocan-born Zarra conveys a strong sense of her North African roots through the vocals and arrangements. Fans of Susheela Raman and Natacha Atlas, or those looking for something like them but leaning a bit more toward jazz, should be sure to check out this strong debut.

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