a wonderful ambassador...

Malika Zarra, Moroccan vocalist, was a wonderful ambassador for her country’s music. She sang in native Moroccan, French, and English, with a healthy dose of scat. The music was similar to Afro-Caribbean, Flamenco, and Greek genres, with exotic percussion, and vocal dynamics that intensified as the evening grew late. Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower


bewitched forever..

"Malika Zarra's voice is like a gentle sigh of Zephyr in a hot Moroccan night. It awakes the deepest feelings of love and harmony. Even the hidden desires of a burning passion. It reminds the mellow blending of oriental flavors and western anxiety of a Cole Porter song: It brings back a night of tropical splendor...
Once you've heard her sweet spell, you're bewitched forever." Enzo Capua


genuinely pure and straight ...

”I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it !
It’s really refreshing to hear music that is genuinely pure and straight from the heart which is how music is coming off here in my opinion.
I really like your sound, sense of time and phrasing”… Taxi


Joe's Pub on August 26 2009

Wed, 08/26/2009 - 8pm



Moroccan singer/composer/producer, MALIKA ZARRA is a multi-cultural shape-shifter, an enchantress who leaps effortlessly between seemingly unconnected languages and traditions, uniting them while utilizing each to further enrich the others. The exotically beautiful artist with the velvety, sinuous mezzo-soprano voice has demonstrated a rare ability to communicate both powerful and subtle ideas and feelings in Berber, Moroccan Arabic, French and English now a much-in-demand headliner at concert halls and festivals the world over.

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